Sihao (William) Wu


I am a Ph.D. student in Trustworthy Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems (ACPS) Lab at University of Liverpool with Prof. Xiaowei Huang and Dr. Xingyu Zhao. Prior to my Ph.D. program, I was working on vehicle trainsmission control supervised by Prof. Xiangyang Xu and Assoc. Prof. Peng Dong at Beihang University.

My research interests include Generalization, Deep Reinforcement Learning and Sequential Decision Making. I am eagerly in deploying Robust DRL algorithms to real robotics systems, like autonomous vehicles. The reference literature can be found in my Research Bibliography.


Email: sihao.wu[at]

Office: Digital Innovation Facility, G018


Github, Linkedin

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Publications on Conferences

Design and Simulation of an Autonomous Racecar: Perception, SLAM, Planning and Control
Sihao Wu, Zhengwei Yang, Xiaopo Xie, Yilong Wang, Xinliang Wang, Qi Wang, Bofan Wu, Hongjun Zhang, Hanning Zhang, Haochun Ma, Xuanliang Zhang, Haiying Lin
IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems (ICAS), 2021 The hardware and software concept of the 2020-rebuilt AERO Driverless Racing Team.

Publications on Journals

Coordinated clutch slip control for the engine start of vehicles with P2-hybrid automatic transmissions
Peng Dong, Sihao Wu, Wei Guo, Xiangyang Xu, Shuhan Wang, Yahui Liu
Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.153, p.103899, 2020 (MMT)
Coordinated clutch control strategy for P2-hybrid transmissions.


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